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    High quality 94% POLYAMIDE, 5% ELASTANE & 1% POLYPROPYLENE to give you a SOFT 'second skin' feel.

    What's your size?

    SIZE S (4/6/8)

    SIZE M (8/10)

    SIZE L (10/12/14)

    Caring for your MELT?

    Our beautiful leggings, bra and shorts are delicate, so always treat it with respect and follow the care steps below:

    • Hand wash the items or use gentle cold cycle on your machine and we recommend putting them inside a delicates washing bag and using a MILD SOAP
    • Do not bleach or dry clean
    • Line dry out of direct sunlight is the best option, do not tumble dry
    • Do not iron
    • Do not wear in spas or heated pool
    • Avoid suntan lotion and rough surfaces
    • Some garments may fade